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3 things people need to do right after a crash

What someone does during or right after a car crash can directly influence their rights and possibly also their safety. People need to make smart choices to protect themselves and their loved ones, which is why it is often a very smart decision to have a plan in place before a crash occurs.

Otherwise, people may struggle to decide what they should do in the moment. To start, these three steps are typically necessary after any significant motor vehicle collision.

1. Move the vehicles, ideally after taking pictures

The heavier the overall flow of traffic is on a section of road and the higher the speed limit, the greater the potential for a secondary collision. The placement of the vehicles can also be an important consideration, as vehicles quite close to an intersection or a blind curve are also at elevated risk.

However, before drivers move their vehicles off to the shoulder or into a nearby parking lot, they will want to first take some pictures or capture video with their mobile phones to show the placement of the vehicles in relation to the environment and one another. Those records can be crucial for crash reconstruction later if there are differing stories about what happened.

2. Call for official support

Although some people don’t think they need to file a police report if neither party requires medical treatment, a police report is necessary to pursue an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit in court later.

Even in a scenario where one driver asks not to contact the authorities, creating an official report is crucial to connecting with compensation. Without a record of the collision, it may be impossible for someone harmed by a crash to hold the other driver to their word about paying for collision expenses.

3. Know when to see a doctor

Even if someone does not have health insurance, seeing a doctor after a crash can be a very smart move. Car insurance can potentially cover the cost of medical evaluation and treatment.

There are numerous medical issues, like brain injuries and abdominal bleeding, that would not be obvious right away but that could threaten someone’s life without treatment. The sooner someone sees a doctor, the sooner they get the right care. Additionally, it will be easier for them to connect their medical issues with the collision.

Those who take the right steps shortly after a crash will be in a better position to demand appropriate compensation and avoid personal penalties stemming from the wreck. In this way, having a plan in place before a motor vehicle collision can help someone more effectively protect themselves even before they’ve had the chance to speak with a reputable legal professional.