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Wrongful Death


Get Help And Justice After A Loved One’s Accidental Death

A death in the family can be distressing and disorienting anytime, but when the cause of death is directly tied to someone else’s negligence, the emotional pain may be even greater. In addition to mental anguish, close family members may face extraordinary costs and financial losses, such as:
● Final medical bills for the deceased person● Funeral and burial costs● Replacement services for household duties that the deceased person previously performed● Lost income that the deceased person will no longer bring to their household
In addition to these financial impacts of someone’s accidental death, there may be other types of suffering with real consequences, such as:
● A widow or widower’s loss of their deceased spouse’s companionship● Minor children’s loss of their deceased parent’s care and guidance

Through a wrongful death claim, close family members who qualify to bring such a claim can often recover financial compensation. While money can never take the place of your loved one, it can help you move forward as an individual or family after the accidental death of your loved one.

Wrongful Death Claims: Considerations And Determining Factors

As you anticipate the possibility of a wrongful death claim, you may seek answers to basic questions as discussed below.

Who qualifies?

The first question to ask when you are exploring the option of a wrongful death claim is: Do you qualify to bring such a claim? Normally, this right belongs to the deceased person’s spouse or minor children. In the case of an unmarried adult with no children, the right to bring a claim may belong to parents or siblings. Rather than assuming you know the answer, simplify things for yourself by consulting with a wrongful death claims attorney.

How much might you receive?

If you do qualify to bring a wrongful death claim, how will the dollar amount be determined? Statutory caps and juries’ opinions may matter greatly. To get a ballpark figure of how much you may expect to recover after your loved one’s accidental death, consult with Ed The Law Bull.

When is the right time to start?

It is natural for families to need time to mourn and bury the deceased person. A successful case is often built on a thorough, timely investigation. When Ed The Law Bull provides the representation that you need, you can expect attorney Okwueze and his staff to respect your family’s privacy while also getting an investigation started without intruding on your time of grieving.

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