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Car Accidents

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An Attorney Who Can Help You Recover Compensation After A Car Accident

A serious car accident triggers multiple challenges at once, including:
● A medical crisis that an injured individual or a family might face following a fatality.● A financial uphill battle as the injured person and/or their family members grapple with medical bills, lost wages, and more.● An overall life crisis that may include emotional turmoil, such as shock, anxiety, depression, as well as general pain and suffering.● A legal challenge where legal professionals assist in determining the cause of the accident and who is liable.

When you go to the emergency room, get follow-up treatments, receive necessary medications, and get rehabilitative help including therapy and counseling, you should make progress toward healing.
And when you get legal counsel, you can benefit from the reassurance that your injury or wrongful death claim will make progress. When Ed The Law Bull is on your side, you can find relief and reassurance as Mr. Okwueze pursues compensation on your behalf.

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Types Of Car Accidents And The Path To Compensation

You may have sustained injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord damage, head trauma, or back, neck, or shoulder injuries due to an accident such as:
● A T-bone crash at an intersection● A rear-end collision at a stoplight or in backed-up traffic● A head-on collision when one vehicle was going the wrong way● A sideswipe accident involving a concrete barrier or a passing accident● A multivehicle accident● A DUI crash in which at least one driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
With attorney Okwueze on your case, he will investigate all angles of the accident through:
● Accident reconstruction● Depositions (recorded interviews) of eyewitnesses as well as other key people such as close family members of the injured person● Legal analysis of liability issues● Preparation of presentations about the crash and its causes
As he uncovers evidence of someone else’s negligence that caused the accident, he will prepare your case as if for trial. Through settlement negotiations, he may obtain a solid offer of compensation for you from the negligent driver’s insurance company. This is just one example of how your case may be resolved. It is also possible that your case will involve:
● A product liability claim against a car’s manufacturer or a parts manufacturer● A lawsuit against a government agency that was responsible for signage and road maintenance
These descriptions are general summaries and may not match up with the unique circumstances of a motor vehicle accident in which you were injured. With qualified legal counsel, you can expect to discover and experience a customized pathway to financial recovery.

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