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Medical Malpractice


When Health 'Care' Becomes Medical Harmdoing

When you entrust your well-being to the care of health care professionals, you rightly expect them to follow accepted standards of care. When a surgeon leaves an instrument in your body or a pharmacist gives you an overdose of a powerful medication, their negligence may cause you serious illness, injury or even death.
Assuming that you have arrived on this webpage after suffering harm in a medical context, you can turn to Ed The Law Bull for trustworthy counsel regarding a potential medical malpractice case.


Doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals are normally vigilant and diligent to care for patients properly. But sometimes, a caregiver becomes a wrongdoer through negligence, and legal action may be necessary. Medical mistakes can set patients up to need additional treatments and lose out on income when they are unable to return to work. Serious consequences for months or years to come may be results of harm done through acts of medical negligence, including:

● Emergency room (ER) errors
● Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose serious illnesses and conditions accurately or in a timely manner
● Surgical mistakes, including operating on wrong body parts and nicking organs while operating on other ones
● Medication errors by prescribing physicians, nurses and others who deliver drugs to patients – wrong medications, wrong doses and dangerously interacting combinations of drugs
● Birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy and other conditions

An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help determine what happened and who was responsible. An investigation in your case may include:
● A thorough review of medical records● Interviews with the injured patient and their caregivers and family members● Other types of research into the circumstances and results of medical care associated with a dramatic downturn in the patient’s well-being
Rely on Ed The Law Bull to help uncover the truth and help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve because of medical malpractice.

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