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Birth Injury


Zealous Legal Counsel For Parents After Their Babies’ Birth Injuries

If you are like most parents, you eagerly anticipated the healthy birth of your child. Now you may feel dismayed and betrayed as you have come to suspect that your OB-GYN’s errors caused your baby harm. The birth process requires vigilant care with a strong focus on the mother’s health and the baby’s well-being during prenatal care, labor, delivery, and postnatal care. To discuss your suspicions about a birth injury with a lawyer in Houston, contact Ed The Law Bull.

Attorney Edward Okwueze is a skilled trial attorney who has a burning passion to protect people’s rights through the practice of law. He is both compassionate and honest in his interactions with clients. He is assertive and persistent in his legal actions versus medical professionals, hospital organizations and others who are responsible for keeping babies and mothers safe before, during and after childbirth.

Examples Of Birth Injuries And Their Causes

You may realize or suspect that your child was injured during labor or delivery now that they have been diagnosed with one or more of the following:

● Cerebral palsy● Erb’s palsy● Brachial palsy● Brain injury caused by asphyxia or kernicterus● Broken bones or a misshapen skull due to the misuse of forceps● Stillbirth
Birth injuries may come to light at various points of development. Your child may have received a clear diagnosis soon after birth or long afterward. Some parents discover that a birth injury may have occurred when a child is diagnosed with learning disabilities upon starting school.
No matter what your child’s diagnosis is and when you learned about it, you and your child deserve to know the truth. If medical malpractice caused the problem, you may be able to recover compensation. A proper outcome of your child’s birth injury claim may bring the resources that your family needs to pay for therapy, corrective surgery, tutoring and other remedies.

Was Your Baby’s Birth Injury Caused By Negligence? Contact Ed The Law Bull To Find Out.

An experienced, respected trial lawyer on your side can give you confidence that an investigation into what happened will be complete and effective.
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