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Dog Bites


A Trial Attorney Aggressively Representing People Bitten By Dogs

A dog bite can be both medically serious and emotionally traumatic. It is frightening and potentially life-threatening. If you were attacked by a dog in Houston or elsewhere, you should seek immediate medical evaluation as well as legal advice.

Houston and other municipalities throughout Southeast Texas have specific and detailed laws regarding the control of dogs. Dog bites are to be reported to authorities. If you have been injured because a dog attacked you, a lawyer on your side can help you take all steps that are necessary to protect your right to pursue compensation.

Ed The Law Bull offers free initial consultations for people injured by dogs and in other ways. Attorney Edward Okwueze is known for his trial skills as well as firm negotiating capabilities. He is ready to guide you.

Common Complications Of Dog Bites

Physical complications are varied, depending on where a dog bit you and how serious it was. Besides the initial tearing of skin and more, a dog bite may lead to infection, scarring, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You may have gone to the emergency room (ER), spent time in the hospital and/or received outpatient care for your dog bite injury. Be sure to comply with your doctor’s recommended follow-up care. If your wound may lead to scarring, you may receive referrals for plastic surgery. If your young child was injured, additional surgery may be necessary as they grow.
Emotional and even social consequences of dog bites may indicate that psychological counseling would also be helpful.

Are you worried about bringing a legal claim against a dog owner or property owner who is a friend or family member? Keep in mind that their homeowners insurance may cover your costs. Your loved one may be relieved to know that you will be cared for financially. On the other hand, if the dog’s owner is a stranger or someone not close to you, tracking that person down may be problematic.
With Ed The Law Bull as your advocate, you can entrust these and other legal issues related to your dog bite injury to your lawyer.

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