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Motorcycle Accidents


Determined Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even when injuries are severe and liability seems clear, motorcycle accident cases often present difficult challenges. Insurance resources may be inadequate or police reports may wrongfully pin the fault on the motorcyclist. A sharp-eyed attorney can find the needle in the haystack that can turn an investigation in your favor.

At Ed The Law Bull in Houston, you will have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced trial lawyer. In the area of personal injury law, he has helped many people recover the compensation they needed after an accident, even when the odds were against them. You can count on aggressive, effective representation when attorney Edward Okwueze is on your side.

Why Are Motorcycle Injury Claims So Challenging?

Motorcycles have the same rights as cars and trucks do in traffic. However, this does not mean they are equivalent to cars and trucks. A motorcycle rider does not have the protection of a car or truck body as drivers and passengers do. So when a car strikes a motorcycle, that motorcyclist’s body may fly through the air.

Drivers of cars and trucks that collide with motorcyclists often say that they did not see motorcycles before hitting them. The implication is that the motorcyclist was perhaps weaving in and out of traffic or doing something wrong. When investigators look into these claims, they often find no proof of any wrongdoing by the motorcyclists. On the contrary, they often discover through cellphone records and other evidence that drivers of other vehicles were inattentive and negligent.

Motorcyclists’ injuries tend to be severe because of their lack of protection. However, insurance for motorcyclists often has insufficient coverage to meet the needs of seriously injured bikers. This is why it is important for an injured motorcyclist to work with an experienced, persistent personal injury attorney.

Let An Accomplished Trial Attorney Evaluate Your Motorcycle Accident Case

A motorcycle accident is often a life-altering event. The legal aspects are not to be taken lightly. An experienced trial lawyer can ensure that the investigation will be thorough and that advocacy will match the seriousness of your situation involving severe or catastrophic injuries.
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