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Premises Liability


Trial Attorney In Houston Representing People Injured On Dangerous Premises

An accidental injury occurring on public or private property may trigger a premises liability claim. Is this true in your case? Do you have the grounds by which to bring a lawsuit against the owner or manager or the property where you were hurt? A knowledgeable and determined premises liability attorney can help determine these points.

Ed The Law Bull has earned a strong reputation in the Houston region and beyond. Attorney Edward Okwueze is a recognized trial attorney who gets strong results for plaintiffs in civil litigation, such as in premises liability cases.

Examples Of Properties And Conditions Leading To Injury:

Clients of Ed The Law Bull may report that they were injured on premises such as:

● Retail outlets
● Construction sites
● Office buildings
● Parking lots
● Churches or schools
● Government buildings

Reported injuries often include slip-and-fall injuries, burns, dog bites, and injuries due to violent actions by other people. Considering that owners and managers of properties will likely have their defense attorneys on alert after an accidental injury, it is wise for an injured person to have legal counsel to even the playing field.
If Ed The Law Bull provides advocacy for you after an accident on public or private property, questions to find answers to include the following:
● Was the injured person invited to be on the property? (For example, were they a customer?) Or, was the injured person a trespasser?● Did the owner or manager know (or should they have known) about a dangerous condition that led to someone’s injury?● Could the person who was injured have avoided being injured by taking ordinary precautions (such as by looking where they were walking)?
Attorney Edward Okwueze’s trial litigation experience has given him the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare strong arguments in support of injured people’s rights to be compensated. If he represents you, he will work hard to prove elements that can strengthen your premises liability claim or lawsuit.

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Did you fall on stairs that were in poor condition and injure yourself as a result? Or did you fall on perfectly good stairs because you were not watching where you were going? Discovering answers to such questions can help your lawyer plan the most effective strategy for recovering the compensation that you need after suffering an injury on someone else’s property.
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