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Begin Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve. Call:

Motor Vehicle Accidents


When Motor Vehicles Collide And Occupants Or Pedestrians Are Injured

Nearly everyone is aware of the risks involved in the operation of motor vehicles. Traffic laws, auto insurance, and safety regulations all represent efforts to prevent or mitigate the harm done to people when vehicles are involved in crashes.
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, motorboats, airplanes, and golf carts obviously differ greatly from one another, but all are examples of motor vehicles. When they work as intended, they enhance our modern lives. But when negligence leads to an accident, someone can be badly hurt or killed – and the wrongdoer can be held accountable through an injury claim or lawsuit.
After a motor vehicle accident in Southeast Texas, discuss your injuries with a respected personal injury lawyer by contacting Ed The Law Bull. 
Attorney Edward Okwueze will fight for your right to compensation after a motor vehicle accident.

Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents And Common Causes

With Ed The Law Bull on your side, you can pursue relief confidently after suffering injuries through any type of motor vehicle accident, such as:
A crash involving two or more cars and/or other vehicles or pedestriansA utility truck, big rig, or delivery truck accident on a city street or highwayA motorcycle crash with or without a helmetA bicycle or pedestrian accident
Attorney Okwueze will evaluate the facts, initiate an investigation and prepare your case as if for trial. Most motor vehicle accident cases settle before going to trial. However, a lawyer’s strong verdict history can be a powerful persuasive element of a motor vehicle accident claim. Mr. Okwueze’s many victories in courtrooms let his clients’ opponents know that he can and will go before a judge and jury – and win.

Get Your Case Underway After A Crash

You may be struggling to pay medical bills, live without the wages that you have lost and carry on with life in practical terms. Attorney Okwueze has much knowledge and experience to contribute to the cause of pursuing compensation for you. He is ready to fight for your right to both monetary compensation and justice through civil litigation.
To schedule a free initial consultation with a Houston lawyer about a motor vehicle accident and your injuries, call 713-231-0195 or send an online inquiry.