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Steps taken during complex truck accident investigations

Truck accidents can be very dangerous. Part of the reason for this is that trucks are simply different than other vehicles on the road. For example, the curb weight of a midsize SUV is going to be around 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. But a semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds under current legal standards. Their size alone means that it is very likely that people in other vehicles are going to suffer significant injuries if involved in a crash with a truck.

There are three main aspects of a particular crash scenario that must be considered when collecting data after a truck accident and analyzing what occurred at the scene. This can be very important for determining fault.

Inspecting the scene itself

First of all, the investigative team will look at the scene of the accident to determine how they think it occurred. They could measure skid and yaw marks on the road, for instance. They will look at the layout of street signs, the road design and the placement of the vehicles on the roadway. This provides them with all sorts of information that they can use to find out why the accident happened. If the skid marks before the crash are very short, does that simply mean that the truck driver braked too late?

Inspecting the vehicles

Damage to the vehicles can also indicate how the accident played out. Damage to the front end of the truck and the rear end of a passenger vehicle clearly points to a rear-end accident caused by the truck, for instance. The extent of the damage can also provide information about the speed at which the vehicles may have been traveling. Crash forensics are very advanced and teams can often re-create what happened.

Interviewing witnesses

If there were witnesses to the accident, the third step is just to talk to them, along with the crash victims. Those involved in the accident will give their accounts of what occurred and what they experienced. In the modern day, evidence may also be found on things like nearby security cameras or doorbell cameras.

Truck accidents often cause severe injuries and can even lead to fatal injuries or life-changing complications, such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Those who have been hurt in such a crash need to know about all of their legal options Working with an experienced legal professional can provide that clarity.