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Motorcycle riders in Texas have been facing higher risks in recent years

Motorcycles are efficient and cost-effective compared to larger vehicles. They are also much cooler than enclosed vehicles because of the rushing wind, which can be wonderful during the hottest parts of the year in Texas.

Many people also enjoy the aesthetics of motorcycle culture, of which there are numerous subsets. Whether someone enjoys American-made motorcycles designed for long-distance cruising or imported bikes designed for speed, they will typically have demonstrated proficiency in controlling a motorcycle and an understanding of the laws that apply to motorcycles to get the appropriate licensing.

Most motorcycle riders are very careful because they understand the risk they take when they are out on the road. However, those in bigger vehicles aren’t always as cautious, which is likely why motorcycle collisions have been on the rise in recent years in Texas.

Statewide motorcycle fatalities have jumped significantly

Small mistakes on a motorcycle can lead to major injuries, but many times the collisions that occur are the result of what someone in a bigger vehicle does. They cut off a motorcycle, forcing someone to take a spill. They strike motorcycles because they fail to notice them in traffic, potentially leading to fatal injuries for the rider.

The deadly crashes have occurred with greater frequency in the last few years when compared with the crash statistics from previous years. In 2022, Texas saw an increase in motorcycle deaths once again, continuing a multi-year trend. There were 562 people in Texas who died in crashes involving motorcycles in 2022, which is an 8% increase over 2021, and 2021 saw significant increases over the 482 deaths reported in 2020.

How can motorcycle riders protect themselves?

Awareness can help someone reduce their risk, but they will need to take action as well. Embracing defensive driving as a means of avoiding a crash is a potentially smart decision for someone who regularly rides a motorcycle in Texas. Having proper safety gear and robust insurance is also important in the event that a collision occurs. Motorcycle riders who are well-prepared will have an easier time handling the fallout of a crash with a larger vehicle.